Ladyboy Behaviour in the Western World

Written by: The Pretender

February 5th, 2016

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Last night a good friend and I attended a beauty pageant in Melbourne, Australia in which a number of transsexuals were present from both Thailand and the Phillipines. One of the contestants was obviously and very literally fresh off the plane from Thailand. She spoke entirely in Thai and had a Thai translator. Out of all the contestants she really stood out. Not just for her beauty but for her behaviour. Watching her perform and listening to her speak was like I was sitting right there at Tiffany's or Alcazar cabaret shows in Pattaya. She was the odd one out. The rest of the contestants behaved differently to her and it was easily observable that they had been here in the West for longer and it was obvious they had become westernized. They behaved accordingly. Among the crowd of onlookers were a number of Thai and Filipino ladyboys and they behaved like they had lots of other options – for example – other men who were willing to pay them money rather than hang out there and pick up a man in the crowd for a night of fun despite them being obviously attracted to my friend and myself given the way they were flirting, smiling and engaging in small talk at times with us. It was fascinating watching and closely observing the behaviour of the ladyboys in Australia at this event.

Last night closed for good the debate that had been taking place in my mind about whether or not to bring a ladyboy here to Australia for any kind of intimate relationship. I cannot and will not do it. I am now 100% certain that I will become an expat and I will leave Australia and live in Thailand. It's just a matter of time. I cannot get here in Australia whats available in the hearts of the ladyboys in Thailand and what's in the heart of a ladyboy in Thailand would rapidly change if I was to bring one here to Australia due to the extreme amount of incoming interest from my fellow western men. It took me all of a few hours to change my behaviour when I experienced Pattaya for the first time once I realised I could have many ladyboys and I would not have to engage in monogamy so how long would it take for a ladyboy from Thailand once here in the West to realise that the demand for her stock had risen exponentially and for her to adjust her behaviour accordingly? Not long I think. The really disturbing thought is that all it takes are the right environmental factors to be present for you to lose your kind, loving, supportive and appreciative ladyboy. The same would certainly hold true for Thai women. Scary.

I ran the behaviour of the ladyboys here in the West by an ex-pat friend in Thailand who owns a ladyboy bar and he remarked that the ladyboys in the West have men all over them, putting them on a pedestal and they start to believe the bullshit and they think they are something they are not and with that comes an attitude. His view is that us western men are far better off staying in Thailand with a down to earth ladyboy who just appreciates it if someone loves and cares for her and I agree with him 100%. He believes I am spot on in my observations of their behaviour here in Australia. I told him that I think he made the right decision in moving to Thailand and that no matter how much I look at the issue I believe it's the only way. The western world has too many desperate western men competing for the affection of the ladyboys who are here and the ladyboys have adjusted their behaviour accordingly. Behaviour is communication.

So my advice to you gentlemen is not to bring a ladyboy back to the West. You have got to go to Thailand. Learn the language. Live in Thailand. Integrate into the environment and culture. If you want the best of the ladyboys without the negative influence of the western world spoiling them you're the one who has to make the big move. Your fellow mans thirst for sex and affection creates a marketplace here in the West in which the supply and demand ratio greatly favours the ladyboys which is the exact opposite of the situation on the ground in Thailand. Ladyboys in Australia are rare and exotic and the laws of economics apply– the low supply of ladyboys in the West and the high demand for them means the prices they can command are high. Time is money. Why waste money in a relationship with you when they can be getting paid $400 an hour by the hordes of horny western men who are willing to pay that price? We must remember that the greatest enemy of ladyboys (and women) is time as time erodes both youth and beauty – the greatest temporary assets a ladyboy has. Once these assets have been depleted – the gig is up.

Environmental factors keep checks on our behaviour. In an environment in which we are forced to behave in a certain way in order to survive due say to economic factors – we will behave in the manner which enables us to achieve our self-interest. In Thailand – a developing country where money is difficult to earn, the ladyboys behaviour is very forward towards western men. They will approach us, chat us up and pursue us even outside the nightlife districts. We are exotic and rare – a high status symbol and most importantly we have money and they are just another ladyboy amongst many others struggling for survival. In Australia – an economically and technologically highly developed country, there is no incentive for the ladyboys (who are rare and exotic here) to behave in such a manner except for in the sex or escort industry.

In the words of my illustrious computer science professor – behaviour is communication. You cannot not communicate. The question comes down to what behaviour and communication do you want from your ladyboy? Would you like your ladyboy to be kind, appreciative, supportive and loving towards you – the western man whom she believes is exceptionally rare given she has not ever experienced an environment in which there are many western men like you who are taller, richer, more handsome, younger and willing to spend much more money on her than you could possibly ever afford? Or – do you want a westernised version of the same ladyboy with a superior attitude, an inflated ego and a sense of entitlement?

Westernised ladyboys think differently, move differently, behave differently and will treat you differently to the ladyboys who have never been out of Thailand. Their minds and hearts have been exposed to the western world and everything our world entails. Just as I started finding myself adopting the values of the Thais and was amazed even at myself when I caught myself lying to people to save face or being duplicitous and deceitful even though these values were previously alien to me – so too will ladyboys who are bought here to the West start adopting western values and what western values do you and they witness being exhibited by our fellow western men? Pedestalising women, deferential treatment to women, nice guy behaviour, spending money on women, being a simp, so on and so on.

Visit the website and check out the ladyboys who are advertising their adult entertainment services and the prices of these services in the West. Why would a westernised ladyboy waste time and money with you and use up her youth and beauty without commensurate compensation when she can earn $400 an hour with other men? Behaviour is communication – why waste time socialising with men at a transsexual beauty pageant when she already has numerous other options lined up tonight?

I know what version of the ladyboy I want – the one who hasn't experienced and been spoilt by the Western world. The one who is glad for me to be there with her and is appreciative and supportive of me. The one who treats me like a rare and exotic king.

Until next time Gentlemen – all the best and thank you for not discussing the western world with your ladyboy!

The Pretender