My Life After My Experiences With Pattaya Ladyboys

Written by: The Pretender

December 19th, 2012

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Dear Stickman Readers,

Gentlemen – it has been 9 months since I returned from my solo holiday in Pattaya and I would like to update you all on where I am at given my experiences with Pattaya ladyboys and the article I wrote about those experiences late last year. My infamous article has number 1 place on Google search when typing in the search term “Pattaya Ladyboys”.

I have made significant changes in my life since my return from Pattaya, which I have made as a direct result of my ladyboy experiences. I have shut down all forms of dating, rejected all short and long-term relationships with women and I have been living in a state of voluntary celibacy.

I have chosen voluntary celibacy to ensure that I am not inadvertently roped into a relationship with a woman which would restrict my future Pattaya plans and to ensure that I retain the most important commodities on offer in this life – my individual freedom, liberty, peace of mind and autonomy.

There have been temptations, let me tell you. I had a single mother interested in me who was very sexy and who I had an intense sexual desire towards. I called her up and I asked what she was looking for – “a long-term relationship” she said.

I told her the truth – “I am walking a different path in life”. “As lovely as you are I will not be getting involved in a long term relationship with you as I value my time, peace of mind, freedom and autonomy above all else in life”. “Great to have met you and all the best for the future”.

You see – I will be back in Pattaya Thailand in 3 months time where I will be picking up where I left off and I will again be experiencing the delights of the Pattaya ladyboys but this time there will be a big difference because over the last 9 months I have had another very important commodity since choosing a life of voluntary celibacy – vast amounts of free time.

What have I been doing with this free time?

I have been learning to speak, read and write Thai via the website Learn Thai Podcast. I can highly recommend it – it’s a fantastic resource!

This year I have spent 450 hours learning the Thai language. This has been my major driving obsession and mission in life since my return from Thailand because I want to have conversations with and make Thai friends when I am in Thailand.

I have made the decision to become an ex-pat and to live 1 month out of every year in Thailand. Anything more than 1 month I feel would be dangerous because the lifestyle on offer is so intoxicating and addictive. I had such fun on my last solo trip that I want to do it again and again and again! Not a day goes by that I don't think about Thailand and my experiences. I have a love for the place as human connections are so easy to make, I am treated so very well and the isolation that I feel in the West is completely gone when I am in Thailand. I don’t care if it is all an illusion. I will take this illusion over the reality of life in the West. It would be nice to live the illusion for longer than 1 month out of each year but work commitments and my intuition and logic tells me to live and earn my money in the West and spend some of it in Thailand. I will be wealthier for it and that is what the Thais really want anyway.

I will be honest and say that my experiences with ladyboys in Pattaya have had large consequences in my life and let this be a warning to those of you thinking of following in my footsteps.

I find women here in the West (especially Western women) extremely boring, irritating to be around and intolerable now compared to before. All I hear out of their mouths is constant bitching, moaning, sarcasm and complaining. Most of them are hypergamous and looking to marry up and I want no part of this (I believe that hypergamy is the number 1 driving force in women to achieve what they really want in life: security). They are not looking at me as a sex object as I am looking at them. They are looking at me as a “success” object. The sexual drive I have as a man has always been used against me in the past by women who have strategically manipulated me and turned me into a utility to fulfil their own selfish desires for provision, housing, luxury and security. I refuse to take on this role again and the women around me – especially those I work alongside have noticed just how different I am now compared to before. It’s like I have laser vision and can see right through their bullshit and this has turned them against me as they see me as a large threat to their control and influence over the other men at work who do their bidding. Most of these male manginas have turned against me as well as they can see that I have changed significantly since my Thailand adventures and have become a completely different person and a threat. I am "living outside the Matrix" so to speak and this is confronting to those around me.

My “gender studies” trip to Thailand last year has made me acutely aware of the differences between males and females and not just on an intellectual level like I understood before – I now have an understanding on an emotional level as well and I know what I feels like to be looked at and treated like a sex object and be in the position that an attractive woman is in. I was lusted after in Thailand by the ladyboys and it felt great! But I am a tall, fit, healthy, muscular, well-dressed and good-looking western man (in the eyes of the ladyboys) with a strong male sex drive and a polygamous nature. I viewed the ladyboys as they viewed me – as sex objects. Women however are a different story – think about the situation with women – attractive women are lusted after by men but the majority don’t go out and f*ck as many of these men as possible – no – how do attractive women behave? What have you observed about the behaviour of attractive women and women in the west (and everywhere else) in general? They choose the richest, tallest, most high status, most socially dominant men and then try to rope him into a long-term relationship. You know – marriage, children, family, home, security, monogamy and all those things that are prisons to the number one male need: FREEDOM.

When I think about all my experiences with women in the past – none of them that I have ever been with here in the West has ever had intense desire, passion and lust towards me compared to what the ladyboys in Pattaya had towards me.

The bottom line is that sex with ladyboys is the closest I have ever come to a level playing field in terms of lust. Fine – they were born male and they have a cock. As our respected writer Caveman has suggested – I have engaged in homosexual acts. I am OK with this. I now consider myself bi-sexual – a female and ladyboy f***er. To be frowned upon and avoided by many people.

Of interest – the type of women that I was sexually attracted to prior to my Pattaya trip I now find repulsive. To give you an idea – I visited a prostitute a few days ago (to have a short break from my voluntary celibacy spell but to do so in such a way that I don’t lose my freedom by getting involved in a short or long term relationship) – she had a very attractive face and body and was the type of woman that I had always been with in the past, which is why I chose her for a short time experience. This time – I felt nothing. For the first time in my life I couldn’t perform. It was just so very boring and robotic. There was no passion, desire or lust in her eyes towards me unlike with my experiences with the ladyboys in Pattaya.

I really miss the look on the faces of the ladyboys as I walked by and seeing their eyes light up at the sight of me and the sound they all make “oooiiiiiiii” – “oooooooiiiiii!!!!!!!!!” – if any of you are in Thailand and want to email me a sample of the bar girl noises please do so! I want to listen to the sound on regular occasions – perhaps put it as my new mail sound: “Ding – You have new mail” “ooooiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!”

Gentlemen – The Pretender shall return to Pattaya in 3 months and this time I will be in friend seeking mode with both Thai locals and western men. My first point of call will be Sensations Bar, as I want to meet the owner Scott who was the subject of a Sky Living documentary on the world of ladyboys. I want to have a chat with him as he has made the decision to actually live in Thailand with a ladyboy and has gone on camera and told the world about this. A brave man.

A number of you have personally emailed me about my last article and have requested to meet up if we find ourselves in Pattaya at the same time and chat about my article, ladyboys and gender studies in general. Well – I will be in Pattaya from the 23rd November until the 16th December and I always welcome meeting new people and making new friends.

That goes for you to Sir Caveman! As you know – I have a lot of respect for your writing.

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