Plutchiks Wheel MGTOW vs Western Women vs Thailand - MGTOW

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Description: There are Free Men among us. Men who have unshackled themselves from the expectations of society to pursue a life of freedom, liberty and success on their own terms. In 2006 a 27 year old man named Jarod was roped into a long term relationship with a western woman. Then one day in 2012, Jarod chose to go his own way... This is a discussion about Robert Plutchik, his psycho evolutionary theory of emotions and his wheel of emotions together with a comparison of the emotions that are felt in 3 different scenarios: Scenario 1: Celibate MGTOW Scenario 2: Relationship with a Western Woman in Western Society Scenario 3: Ex-Patting to Thailand and short term, paid engagements with Thai's Support Jarod on Patreon: