The Purple Paradise Club Member Update

Duration: 9:03 Views: 889 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Jarod gives an update to members of the new trans party club he has started with a fellow subscriber in Melbourne. Wow! Over 80 people have signed up in just 4 days! These nights look like they have real potential! The key benefits to club members: Each male member will have the opportunity to meet up in person with beautiful Melbourne based transsexuals from to socialise, drink and party. These are working transsexuals who may be available to go with you on the night Gentlemen. Each transsexual member will have the opportunity to market their intimate services to our professional male members who understand that engaging with beautiful transsexuals necessitates an appropriate payment for services rendered due to the high demand and low supply of transsexuals in Australia and the nature of the trans to male sexual marketplace. Please note carefully that the club does not involve itself in the business of it’s members. Whatever arrangement our members make between each other is their business. All the best everyone. More to come over the next few weeks.