Please help the club find an industrial property for our transsexual parties in Melbourne

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Description: Club Members, If I may direct your attention to an AirBNB listing in Campbellfield. It’s an industrial property located in an industrial area that has been decked out as a party house. This is the place Perry and I really and I mean really wanted to hold our first transsexual party event night at but unfortunately the host was worried about the local council reacting badly given we needed to sell tickets to the event and obtain a one off liquor licence in order to cover the costs of hiring his warehouse. What Perry and I really loved about this warehouse is that it is in an industrial area where we would have complete privacy and freedom, we could have held the event on a Friday or Saturday night, we would have attracted no attention from nosy residential neighbours given the area is industrial and there would almost certainly be no commercial and industrial neighbours around on a Friday or Saturday night wondering what we were up to with 30 odd cars turning up out of the blue. I would like to request that each of you have a bit of a think about future venues for our events. If you own an industrial property or you know someone that would be willing to rent an industrial property to us short term and allow us to obtain a one off liquor licence that would be perfect. We’re most interested in properties that are large, open planned and that have the ability to be quickly decked out with lounges, beds, a pool table, a makeshift bar, DJ table, and have enough shower and toilet facilities to cater for groups of up to 50 or so people and enough car parks either on the property itself or in the surrounding area and where looking at from the street you can’t see anything going on inside. The only real critique I had of the Campbelfield property was the fact it only has 1 bathroom. That’s not enough for our purposes. The ideal situation is to have 3 or 4 bathrooms. We’re able to rent portable bathrooms so long as the industrial property has standard water, power and sewerage connections. It would be really great if we could find someone that would allow us to have longer term access to their industrial property so we could measure up and plan everything out carefully if there are few existing shower and bathroom facilities and we had to provide portable ones. The other thing I guess is the bedrooms in the Campbelfield warehouse were not exactly private given they were only behind curtains. Perry and I do very much appreciate club members helping with the search for a suitable property for our group party events. We really have conducted an exhaustive search for suitable properties and have come up quite empty. Unfortunately it would seem that every property that is suitable for our party events has a “no party” policy. There’s a business opportunity right there to anyone that can supply such a property specifically for parties. It must be in an industrial area however as hotels don’t look kindly on prostitutes and their clients - ie people and groups of people like us renting their rooms by the hour. The ideal situation for our events is to have an industrial property that’s made up of one large open plan area together with many small rooms - perhaps offices that are private. There must be many vacant properties like this in industrial areas that have perhaps fallen into disrepair with owners looking to renovate in the future. Short term hire of a property like this is ideal for us. I suspect that the ideal property for our purposes will not be advertised on AirBnB or sites like it and will come through a recommendation from one of you our valued club members. Please if you know of a suitable property use the contact us form on the purple paradise clubs website and send through a quick message or call myself Jarod on 0434 438 569. We have to remember at the end of the day the club is about bringing everyone together to connect with members as a group and individually. The property must accommodate both these goals. All the best everyone. Please do contact me with any suitable property suggestions.