Trans Tuesday @ Platform One Opening Night Promo

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Description: Transcript: Hello everyone, I would like to begin by thanking each of you for your interest and your support in the establishment of The Purple Paradise Club’s Trans Tuesday night at Platform One nightclub in Flinders St Melbourne. The night which brings transsexuals and their male admirers together to party. A series of very unlikely events has lead to the establishment of this trans party night and I would like to share these events with you so you’re all aware of what brought us to this place and time of getting together with each other. If I had never broken up with my girlfriend back in 2012 and booked that trip to Pattaya, Thailand. If I had never stepped on to that Thai Airways flight to Thailand. If I had never sat down at that bar in walking street Pattaya where I met and interacted with a ladyboy for the first time in my life at age 33. If I had said no instead of yes to that beautiful ladyboys offer of a short time liaison which changed my life completely in the most fundamental of ways, putting me on a course of chasing ladyboys instead of genetic women. If I had not started The Pretender Project - my YouTube channel about my adventures with ladyboys in Thailand to help other men on the same trans journey. If I had not met so many Pretender Project fans online and in person who shared with me how their hearts had been forever touched by a transgendered person. If Perry - the co-founder of The Purple Paradise Club who was a fan of The Pretender Project had not reached out to me and met with me in person and if we had not developed our friendship, if he had not suggested the idea for the creation of a social club instead of my idea of the establishment of a brothel. If I didn’t have the background in computer science and the skills in programming to be able to establish the clubs website systems. If I had not reached out to the owner of Platform One Nightclub in Flinders St with the idea of bringing you all together for this trans party night. None of this would be happening. This path each of you who are watching this video is on is different to the well worn path the majority of people tread. That’s one of the reasons this night is so important to each of us. We have to have the confidence that things are going to work out here, to trust and give something new a chance to flourish. To follow our hearts, to connect with each other, to get together on the night even though this is something different that hasn’t been tried before in Melbourne. This will make all the difference my friends. This trans party night is about connecting with each other. There will be no central act, no band, no distractions. There will be a DJ playing dance & trance classics but the music will be played at a level where you can hear each other speak, where you can interact with each other without shouting. Gentlemen - you’re interested in coming along because just like myself, each of your hearts and minds have been touched by a beautiful transgendered person. Someone who has made a big difference in your life and has opened your mind and your hearts to being with a transgendered person. There are over 200 of you who have joined the club. Thank you for giving the club a chance. Each of your hearts have been touched and forever changed by a transgendered person. Beautiful trans - you’re interested in coming along because this is your night to shine, a place where you’re valued, where you will be surrounded by men who want to be with you. A place where you have the opportunity to meet men and potentially earn money selling your intimate services. A place where you can be confident that each of the men present are so interested in interacting and meeting with you that they have paid for tickets to attend. Over 25 of you have joined the club so far. Thank you for giving the club a chance. My friends - you’ve got to find what you love. This is true for your work as well as for your lovers. Each of you male club members have been down the road with genetic women and have found that road lacking. You know where that road ends and you know that’s not where you want to be. This night is your opportunity to meet more working transsexuals from backpage under the same roof than anywhere else in Melbourne, perhaps even in Australia. The possibilities of this could be remarkable. There is great power in bringing you all together. Each of you trans members have been rejected in some way by society. You have found peace and solace in the adult industry. This is the place where you’re valued, where you’re supported, where you’re around people who truly care for your wellbeing and your personhood. For who you are on the inside as well as on the outside and that’s important. As a transgendered individual you’re unique. You’re special. You have something different than the majority. This night is a place you can share your gifts with the people who value you the most. This night is about bringing you all together to help you find each other. As with all matters of the heart - you’ll know when you find it. Over time I hope these nights will just get better and better as more of you come together, to find and form relationships with each other for your mutual benefit. Follow your hearts my friends. Listen to your inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They know what you really want. Take that first step. Get your tickets from the clubs website. Come along to the opening night on Tuesday October 3rd at Platform One. Give the night a chance and let’s build something great here! On Tuesday October 3rd at Platform One at 8:30 pm Trans Tuesday will hold it’s opening night. You know from this video and from the rest of my work on the Pretender Channel what I believe. Those of you who believe what I believe for this trans party night will take my cause and make it your own. You’ll tell people, and some of those people will tell more people and this will help get the word out to even more people and lo and behold - we should have a crowd on opening night of transsexuals and their male admirers. You’re not showing up for me. You’re showing up for yourselves. It’s what you believe that will get you to take action and get your ticket and turn up on the night. You’re following me here not for me, but for yourselves. This night is for you. I’m just the messenger. I’m looking forward to meeting each of you. All the best everyone I’m Jarod - founder of The Pretender Project and Co-Founder of The Purple Paradise Club