Party with beautiful Transsexuals right here in Melbourne

In a Luxury 3 Bedroom/9 Bed, 3 Bathroom Apartment in Melbourne CBD

Plenty of supplies will be on hand if sparks fly...

Trans movies will be playing...

A Private, Members only party

At a top secret location revealed only to ticket holders

FREE tickets for our transsexual members PLUS a $25 appearance fee to attend the party PLUS FREE Beer, Spirits, Wine, Champagne and finger food!

Transsexuals - your opportunity to mingle with and market your intimate services to our male members

Male ticket price includes Beer, Spirits, Wine, Champagne and finger food

Enjoy drinks with beautiful, exotic transsexuals from around the world right here in Melbourne

Get to know each other in a respectful, private and safe group environment

Act Fast - Tickets are strictly limited to 20 transsexuals and 20 males

Your eyes will need to be wide open for these nights Gentlemen

Do you have the password?

The only trans party club in Melbourne

Bringing a taste of Pattaya Thailand to Melbourne Australia

Proudly Brought to you by The Pretender Thailand: