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Author: The Pretender

Published Date: June 10th, 2017


My Experiences With Pattaya Ladyboys
My Life After My Experiences With Pattaya Ladyboys
Some Thoughts On Marketplaces And Me As A Desirable Customer
The Price Of Our Thailand Freedom Is Guilt And Shame Back Home
Why I Became A Sex Tourist At Age 33
Ladyboy Lovers
All Eyes On Us
Dear John - From One Male Model To Another
Update From The Pretender
Beautiful Young Thai - Do You Have Any Collateral
I Came To Pattaya For The Sex I Left With Anal Warts
Anal Wart Removal At Pattaya International Hospital
Why Thailand Is So Addictive To Western Men
Thailand Is The Game And Your'e Playing The Staring Role
The Coolidge Effect In Pattaya
Briffaults Law Financial Considerations
Nerds And Ladyboy Are A Natural Fit For Each Other
The Perfect Mate
Ladyboy Behaviour In The Western World
Men Are The Real Romantics
Thailand is A Casino For Western Men
Buying Property In Thailand
Take On Me Is The Love Game In Thailand
The Gold Rush Selling Picks And Shovels In Thailand
There's Nobody More Dangerous Than A Free Man
A Letter To My Father
Stages Of Living The Dream In Thailand
Outsource Your Sex Life
Pattaya Taught Me The Real Value Of Sex
Ladyboys the Rewiring Of Your Heart And Mind
My Tinder Experiences In Thailand Vs Australia
Mens Sexual Services Are In Low Demand And High Supply


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